Turn It Up an Emoji Guide (insp.)



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Rydel πŸ’—
Q: Hello you beautiful human. Once you get this, you must publicly share five things about yourself and then pass it on to ten of your fave followers. ❀️

Okay, five Things about me.

1. I am 18 soon :)
2. I’m from Norway
3. I’m pretty short
4. I love R5
5. I’m gonna move out after the summer

asked by coryandlea09monchele
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Appreciate this gif of Riker licking his bass

πŸ’— rikerr5


Ratliff : *making fun of the french interviewer*
Interviewer : *joking* β€œOh you think I’m a jerk ? You wanna start a fight, hmm ?”
Riker : β€œYou have to excuse Ratliff, he’s just a little jealous cause, you know, he has a crush on Rydel.”


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